Our To Do List

Shared and Private Lists

Mix and match shared and private lists. The sharing for each list is independent so you can share your grocery list with one person and your work list with another.

Reminders and Notifications

Attach a reminder to an item and get a push notification. You also get notified when changes are made to shared lists.

Endless Subtasks

Organize your life your way with subtasks. Want to file "Fix the Dishwasher" in Home Improvement->Kitchen->Appliances? Go for it.

Notes, Due Dates, and Colors

Add more detail to items with notes, dues dates, and colors to keep you organized.

Works Very Well

"This app makes syncing lists really simple. My wife and I love it because it really simplifies keeping up with our grocery list."

Organized My Brain

"The endless sub-lists let me organize my to dos the way that worked best for me. It also minimizes the clutter I was building up in another list app!"

Simple to Use

"This app does exactly what you would expect. It is very easy to create and share lists. Easy setup."

Not Convinced?

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